23 thoughts on “#491 —My Love;

      1. pawan35

        Thank you for saying that… Nothing in the space where you write with so much depth… You are marvelous… It is just that in the vibes of yours this person here tries out… Thank you again.

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      1. Tanveer Rauf

        Qaiser have you read my poetry translations that I post in word-press? will you honor me if you write your comments for my book i’m soon going to compile. Only if you think my work is good and will be even grateful to you if you find any mistake and let me know please. thank you


      2. Qaiser Post author

        Yes Tanveer, I have read some. I must admit they are par excellence.

        I am humbled and honored you have suggested to include my comments on your poems in your book. By all means you have my blessings. However, I prefer to give them more time rather than my comments here. That would be easier achieved via email. Don’t you think?

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