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#486 — Forever;

A whispering wind,
Causing ripples on the sea,
I was and will be.
That which in my life I writ,
Death can’t ever wipe away.


#370 – A Moment Together;

Ferocious waves come
only to form reshape and
leave the shore abaft.
They sizzle down on the beach, and
leave fond memories behind.


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#369 — Feelings;

Graze of your lips raze
feelings – beautiful feelings,
that you bring to me.
a nibble here a caress there,
and you kindle feelings in me.


#345 – REVERIE;

Gazing at your face,
Reaching, longing to touch you,
but I cannot feel.

Sight stirs desires in the mind,
but touch — sets ablaze the heart.

#9july16 #tanka_poem #prepi

REVERIE by Migdalia Arellano.

#320 – PORTRAIT;

Eyes, passionate green —
churning passionate green, that
oceans turn in storms.
Framed upon a work of art,
Veil the hollow emptiness.

#26june16 #tanka_poetry #micropoetry

#319 – UNIVERSE;

The vastness that hem,
therein clasped all the planets
and the galaxies,
Where all the mysteries lie,
Is nondescript in God’s reign.

#26june16 #tanka_poem #micropoetry

#313 – EPHEMERA;

Transient rain cloud,
just as it came in a haste,
it went away too.
What does it leave in me then,
but just longing and the pain.

#23jun16 #tanka #micropoetry