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#628 — Strangers;

How strange,
The thing called love —
Just when you think its yours,
It slithers from your embrace and,


#621 — Madness;

Had you,
Kissed once her lips,
Or held her in your arms —
You would speak no insult of my,

#cinquain #madness

#617 — Desiree;

I have a longing for you,
For the aromatic silence,
In your eyes.
I have a longing for you,
For the trilling allure,
Of your lips,
I have a longing for you,
To ease my troubled sleep,
In the cradle of your embrace.


#616 — Shame;

This shameless vessel,
Fashioned out of one handful,
Of scattered loam,
Ooze its fill of puff and hubris —
Yet, held in the embrace,
of its naked reality,
It trembles and crumbles,
To dust, in utter disgrace.

#freeverse #wordporn

#607 — Insanity;

In the garden of lovers,
I have lost my sanity —
Come, my love, come,
Let us embrace each other,
And let us dance together,
To the drums of the insane.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#600 — Breeze;

Come streaming
Down on me, breeze,
Come drown me,
In your embrace,
And I shall string,
Your wings with love.

#freeverse #micropoetry