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#606 — Mind;

What is this strange place,
You have brought me to,
Where surrounded by silence,
I see with my eyes closed,
Your unconcealed beauty —
Here I am free,
To love and be loved.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#516 — Lover;

And, I am from the posessed,
Obsessed by the beauty of creation.
In the depthless realm of beauty,
Is where my soul gently breaks free.
Don’t ask me about faith,
I am neither scholar nor saint.
And, no knowledge I have of life,
I am neither healer nor sage.
I am only a lover of the Beloved.

#473 — Desert Rose;

There is
A wilderness
In your steaming beauty,
In which I roam drunk, bewildered
And lost.


#446 — Beauty;

form, rise and fall …
Rise and fall in the tide …
Awed, I held my breath and watched her


#438 — Come Slowly Eden;

Come, Eden come —
Such beauty is ten fold,
When sightless and slowly you rise
To me.