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#631 — Contentment;

Drown me,
In the waters,
Of the Lake Ubari —
Let me live my life for just one


#628 — Strangers;

How strange,
The thing called love —
Just when you think its yours,
It slithers from your embrace and,


#625 — Odyssey;

From one,
Spring another,
And so, forth without end,
Some on a slow tread, and some in,
A blurr.

#cinquain #odyssey

#623 — Nowhere;

And on the run,
These paths longer than life,
Twisting and turning, they lead me,

#cinquain #nowhere

#601 — Penance;

For each moment,
That pass me by,
Time frazzles away,
A bit of me
At times a smile
Sometimes a teardrop;
A price extracted from me,
For living my life —
Helpless in this fate,
My heart, beats on.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#597 — Kiss;

Will you let me,
Write my story
With the ink,
Of my breath,
On your bosom?
And when you hear
My breath flounder,
Will you respire me,
with your lips and
Give me back my life?

#free verse #micropoetry

#595 – Stumbled;

Look there,
My life has bumbled,
And stumbled,
Heels over head —
Someone must pick it up,
Lick its wounds clean,
And, put it back,

#freeverse #micropoetry

#593 — Thirst;

Through the storm,
Hand in hand with,
Thoughts of you,
I have found my way,
To the clouds,
Now let me stay here,
Swirling in the wind,
My thirst for life,
Ever unslaked.