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#593 — Thirst;

Through the storm,
Hand in hand with,
Thoughts of you,
I have found my way,
To the clouds,
Now let me stay here,
Swirling in the wind,
My thirst for life,
Ever unslaked.


#576 — Laughter;

The storms,
Have blown away,
The sonance of laughter,
How will I now find, what’s swept, by
The wind,


#573 — Winds Of Time;

These transient winds,
Have transformed me,
To an ascetic,
All I possess now,
Are memories of moments,
With which I stir the fire,
And smile at the sparks
That rise from it.


#486 — Forever;

A whispering wind,
Causing ripples on the sea,
I was and will be.
That which in my life I writ,
Death can’t ever wipe away.


#485 —Scattered Dreams;

Years pass,
storm winds scatter,
with their gusts all my dreams —
But the voice, its tenderness and
The face.