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I wonder,
And I question,
I have doubts too,
Yet, of this Im certain –
That it is you, and you
It will always be.


#509 — Condemned;

Come, come ye clones of thirst,
My fate too has been as the
Damnation of Tantalus,
Drown in these floods with me.


#407 — Whispers Of Love,

I heard the rush of a wave
and asked the ocean
what it was saying,
“It is my aria of love I sing
to the Shore”.
I heard a fizzle from the shore,
and asked what it was,
“These are my hymns of praise
I sing to the Ocean”, It said.

O, God, How infinte Thy Mercy!
Such love! … Such love!

#poetry #muse

#396 — Emptiness;

The distance between us grow wider with each passing day. I keep exchanging my empty days with the nights, but these nights yield nothing but darkness stretching into emptiness. I don’t see a single star in the vast sky above.

Sans you,
What is this life —
Truly it is a grave,
Even in its darkness I call
Your name.

#muse #cinquain

#391 – Adrift;

I am a rudderless traveller,
on a windless sea of dreams. Drifting in the gulf between us. Never close to you, never far. The unrelenting darkness that surround me, ever refusing to leave. Daylight never approaching.

I am a rudderless traveller …