#639 – Burning;

Set me,
Ablaze my Love,
And cast me to the night,
And one by one I’ll set aflame,
The stars.


#638 — Illusions;

In this,
Desert of dreams,
There’s only illusions,
At each turn a mirage in the,


#637 — Search;

From dream
To dream I search,
For a trace of comfort,
But my search covers me in clouds,
Of dust.


#636 — Time;

Where has,
Time disappeared —
It isn’t mine anymore,
Tell me, is it time now for me,
To go.


#635 — Healing;

What can,
Heal the longing,
Or salve the burning pain,
Even dunk the flame, but the drench
In love.


#634 — Incense;

With the twilight breeze,
Burning fragrance of her breath,
Waft slowly to me.


#632 — Torment;

O heart!
Pray speak to me —
What is this that torments,
What is it that slowly devour,
My soul?