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#620 — Beaten Track;

These many paths,
There spreads a beaten track —
Wild and crass, yet it takes me to,
my home.

#cinquain #beaten_track

#611 — Take Me Home;

Take me home,
On those rising waves,
Take me home,
On those gentle ripples,
As they take the ocean,
Slowly to the shore —
Take me home,
To the voice,
Rising from your depth,
Calling me.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#574 — Unknown Shores;

The tide,
Have hied me far,
Far away from my home,
On this shore unknown, so lost now
I roam.


#449 — Distance;

I built
a home near hers,
still I can’t hear her voice —

When the mind is far the place is


#431 — Come Home Gently;

Fly far
tonight, li’l bird,
beyond your wildest dreams.
Fly low fly high and then gently
come home.