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#598 — Flight;

Let us fly, wing to wing,
To the moon, tonight,
Let us lie under the sky,
And I will sing my song to you.
Let us pluck a few stars,
And sprinkle their dust on earth,
Come .. let us sway the night.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#497 —Silent Prayer;

Hark, the ocean’s song,
As its waves soak the beach,
And pull back, only to return.
And as I stand here, silent in prayer,
I but wish I am your beach,
and you are my Ocean.
Perhaps I am not, meant to find you,
But I know, It is not me, it is God
playing with my destiny.

#470 — Sapphic Song;

The nightingale
Of Lesbos. Her lyrics
Captivated, stoic hearts a


Little is known of Sappho’s life, and her work survives only in fragments. She lived on the Greek island of Lesbos off the coast of Asia Minor, probably in its main city Mytilene. She had a brother, and a daughter Kleis. Famous for her love of women (hence ‘Lesbian’, ‘Sapphic’) she is the first, great, individual lyric voice of Europe, recognised as such in ancient times. At the beginning of the European poetic tradition, a woman speaks for herself, and with an experience subtly different from the male experience.

#407 — Whispers Of Love,

I heard the rush of a wave
and asked the ocean
what it was saying,
“It is my aria of love I sing
to the Shore”.
I heard a fizzle from the shore,
and asked what it was,
“These are my hymns of praise
I sing to the Ocean”, It said.

O, God, How infinte Thy Mercy!
Such love! … Such love!

#poetry #muse