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#632 — Tormented;

O Soul!
Pray speak to me —
Who is this that torments,
Who is this that slowly devour,
My heart?


#599 — Sacrifice;

Why must I, forever,
Wander in your love,
Come, slaughter me,
In your soul,
Perhaps when,
My blood flows,
I shall find, refuge.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#590 — Salvation;

That one night,
In my sleep,
I tripped and fell,
Into your soul,
And not until,
I am born from you,
Will I find,
My salvation.


#582 — Ablaze;

If it be a fire you want,
Then come,
But come cautiously,
This passion is burning,
Touch it and it will
Set ablaze your soul.


#544 — A_Thousand_Miles #23

There’s chaos in the heavens tonight.


#541 — Captive;

I have become
A debauchee,
wandering drunk,
In your soul,
In your being,
And, only when I’m born,
From your womb,
Will I, perhaps, find myself.


#519 — In Her Single Glance;

In the valley of dolor,
She glanced at me,
And in her single glance,
My soul became a captive;
Take care the use of those daggers,
My fate is written on their blades.


#503 —Insanity;

The Moon,
Tonight beckons,
To the Land of Insane,
Come beloved, and gaze into
My soul.

photo credit khadhie.wordpress.com