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#644 – Because;

And when,
I close my eyes,
You’re all my mind can think,
And then my body moves in thoughts,
Of you.


#606 — Mind;

What is this strange place,
You have brought me to,
Where surrounded by silence,
I see with my eyes closed,
Your unconcealed beauty —
Here I am free,
To love and be loved.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#553 — Shadows

Silent night and thoughts
Roam unfenced fields of the mind,
Shadows tramp the eyes.


#544 — A_Thousand_Miles #23

There’s chaos in the heavens tonight.


#484 — Carved On Stone;

Their temples their minds,
Naked souls and bleeding hearts,
Poets dwell alone.


#449 — Distance;

I built
a home near hers,
still I can’t hear her voice —

When the mind is far the place is


#434 — Three Words;

flow through my mind,
But one whisper is heard,
and just your voice sing three words,”I
Love you”.