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If he turns each teardrop
from your eyes
Into poetry,
If you can find comfort,
Nestled against his side,
In the silence past midnight –
Then my dear,
Go with him
It isn’t my happiness,
That’s important to me,
But your’s.


You are soft, bewitching and
And I love you.
But then, you are also
harsh, fierce and spine-tingling,
And that’s what I think,
Is Adventure.


I wonder,
And I question,
I have doubts too,
Yet, of this Im certain –
That it is you, and you
It will always be.


#652; If you …

If you loved me,
As I love you
My dear,
You would throw away
All your fears,
And come to live
In my heart.

#651 – Intoxication;

To the rhythms,
Of gentle flapping,
I soar into the universe,
And then, slowly, very slowly,
Heaven becomes,
Pure intoxication.


#650 – Forever;

You want,
To know the truth?
Well, if truth must be told –
I’ll love you forever and for,