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#651 – Intoxication;

To the rhythms,
Of gentle flapping,
I soar into the universe,
And then, slowly, very slowly,
Heaven becomes,
Pure intoxication.


#507 — Fractured;

I am the voice of my own wounds,
And with every step I take, I fracture more.
Come, Sheikh. Tell me something about heaven, though,
Of hell, what more would I need to know!


#500 —No Less;

heard a whisper,
From moon to the stars sung —
World to lovers isn’t less a


#476 — Heaven;

Whispering springs,
Mountains, eclipsed spaces,
Lofty heights in fragrant places;


#418 — The Law;

Love rules,
though a king’s court,
or, though the beggar’s hut;
for Love is heaven, and heaven
is love.