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#621 — Madness;

Had you,
Kissed once her lips,
Or held her in your arms —
You would speak no insult of my,

#cinquain #madness

#617 — Desiree;

I have a longing for you,
For the aromatic silence,
In your eyes.
I have a longing for you,
For the trilling allure,
Of your lips,
I have a longing for you,
To ease my troubled sleep,
In the cradle of your embrace.


#597 — Kiss;

Will you let me,
Write my story
With the ink,
Of my breath,
On your bosom?
And when you hear
My breath flounder,
Will you respire me,
with your lips and
Give me back my life?

#free verse #micropoetry

#518 — Write My Salaam;

O breeze,
Turn east, then south ,
and then west before North,
And blow On the path,
The gazelle trots.
O breeze,
Smell every droplet,
Of dew you see,
And write my salaam,
On the path, the gazelle trots.