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#632 — Tormented;

O Soul!
Pray speak to me —
Who is this that torments,
Who is this that slowly devour,
My heart?


#593 — Thirst;

Through the storm,
Hand in hand with,
Thoughts of you,
I have found my way,
To the clouds,
Now let me stay here,
Swirling in the wind,
My thirst for life,
Ever unslaked.


#587 — Chance

I thought I’d get,
To live my life again;
That these eyes again would thirst for,
Its tears.


#568 — Thirst;

Life seeps to me,
Drop by drop I taste it,
Thus, my thirst for life is ever,


#525 — Pleasure And Pain;

Tonight I shall sleep drunken,
With the spirit of your love,

And tomorrow, I shall wake,
Parched with a frenzied,
Thirst for more.


#509 — Condemned;

Come, come ye clones of thirst,
My fate too has been as the
Damnation of Tantalus,
Drown in these floods with me.