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#621 — Madness;

Had you,
Kissed once her lips,
Or held her in your arms —
You would speak no insult of my,

#cinquain #madness

#594 — Petals;

Aah, look,
The pursed petals,
Quivering in the breeze,
Brush gently the feeble heart,
Thoughtful of its humility,
Yet, tearing it asunder.


#518 — Write My Salaam;

O breeze,
Turn east, then south ,
and then west before North,
And blow On the path,
The gazelle trots.
O breeze,
Smell every droplet,
Of dew you see,
And write my salaam,
On the path, the gazelle trots.


#505 — Tattoo;

Stretch that graceful naze from abaft the veil.
In red will I write poetry, on its horizon tonight.