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#628 — Strangers;

How strange,
The thing called love —
Just when you think its yours,
It slithers from your embrace and,


#608 — Longing;

Come, you lovers,
Let us together, rejoice,
In this strange fate.
Let us celebrate the agony
Of longing

#freeverse #micropoetry

#606 — Mind;

What is this strange place,
You have brought me to,
Where surrounded by silence,
I see with my eyes closed,
Your unconcealed beauty —
Here I am free,
To love and be loved.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#586 — A Thousand Miles – Ache;

Its strange,
Its wonderful —
This ache.

Six words.

#535 — Poetry;

I am,
A worshipper
Of the heart, bound to find
Strange ways, to fill the loneliness,
In it.


#532 — Life;

I woke,
To find that life,
I always dreamt was mine,
Is lived by another. It’s strange —
My life!