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#632 — Tormented;

O Soul!
Pray speak to me —
Who is this that torments,
Who is this that slowly devour,
My heart?


#582 — Ablaze;

If it be a fire you want,
Then come,
But come cautiously,
This passion is burning,
Touch it and it will
Set ablaze your soul.


#573 — Winds Of Time;

These transient winds,
Have transformed me,
To an ascetic,
All I possess now,
Are memories of moments,
With which I stir the fire,
And smile at the sparks
That rise from it.


#572 — Ash;

In these poems,
The ash, the heart’s desire,
While defenseless it burns in your,


#496 —Twin Souls;

In one fire,
Apart from each other,
Kept by hands of fate to live or
To die.