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#603 — Change;

Let your desire,
Stretch a little more —
Come, pull me,
Under the blanket,
Of your gaze,
Before the course,
Of destiny change.

#freeverse #micropoetry 

#558 — Ocean;

Do come
Pelagic rage,
Come again and again,
And drown me in the depths of your,


#548 — I Am Your’s;

Come close,
And still closer
And closer; and then take
From me away my everything —
I’m Your’s.


#509 — Condemned;

Come, come ye clones of thirst,
My fate too has been as the
Damnation of Tantalus,
Drown in these floods with me.


#475 – When She comes;

I toss,
Beg, burn, and weep,
Then when she come, she comes,
Riding in my dreams and my heart,


#452 — Silently (1 & 2)

Where from they come,
Or where they go, who knows,
Ever way they go, silently,
They go.

These thoughts silent,
Everwhere from they come,
I let them freely, and freely,
Let go.

#cinquain — Silently. 1 & 2