9 thoughts on “#432 — For My Rose;

  1. Delyn Merce

    Mmmm, this is gorgeous–the words, fragrance, photo–and brought back an interesting memory from a young virginal romantic interlude. It seemed so important and marvelous at the time, but became smudged as naivete waned, revealing ugly truth…


    1. Qaiser Post author

      Heheh … Thanks Delyn.
      Its been a while since I stopped attaching photos to my poetry. Two reasons – One – I feel its wrong to use photos from the web wout permission of its source. And, two – I want my readers to appreciate my work and no part of likes for the photo to get lost in the numbers while I don’t know what is being appreciated.


      1. Delyn Merce

        I stopped using many images–because it took too much time/energy searching for the “perfect one”. And I agree, I’d prefer people “see” the image within my written words… and hopefully like/appreciate/comment on that alone. You shouldn’t worry so much about web photos–there are sites which allow use without all the fuss (Pixabay is my fave). It was the rose photo in your post which hurled me back to when I was 17… Though your words alone were lovely as always, I might not have had the visceral response without that photo.

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