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#636 — Time;

Where has,
Time disappeared —
It isn’t mine anymore,
Tell me, is it time now for me,
To go.


#635 — Healing;

What can,
Heal the longing,
Or salve the burning pain,
Even dunk the flame, but the drench
In love.


#634 — Incense;

With the twilight breeze,
Burning fragrance of her breath,
Waft slowly to me.


#632 — Tormented;

O Soul!
Pray speak to me —
Who is this that torments,
Who is this that slowly devour,
My heart?


#631 — Contentment;

Drown me,
In the waters,
Of the Lake Ubari —
Let me live my life for just one


#630 — Memories;

Of your laughter,
Drift in the morning air —
Portrait on the wall, listen, you
Are here.
One the other,
You’re running on the floor
Portrait on the wall, listen, you
Are here.
Silent whispers
Your echo in the air —
Portrait on the wall, listen, you
Are here.
I can’t let go,
Memories in me flow,
Portrait on the wall, listen, you
Are here.

5 May 2017

This poem is the first of my attempts to combine and present #cinquain poetry in a ghazal style (last line of each verse similar in all verses). I can only hope it is acceptable to fellow poets and appealing.
My wife lost her battle with cancer three years ago, on May 5th, 2014. She was only forty-two years old. She left behind two very young daughters and memories of her with me. I dedicate this poem to her memories.

#629 — Healing;

A draft bitter
As poison, will become,
A healing for the heart that is,
In love.


#628 — Strangers;

How strange,
The thing called love —
Just when you think its yours,
It slithers from your embrace and,


#627 — Shadows;

Refuse to drown,
However hard I try,
To sink them into the night that,


#626 — Restlessness;

It is for you,
That he lives in your heart —
Say it then to his restless days,
And nights.