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#651 – Intoxication;

To the rhythms,
Of gentle flapping,
I soar into the universe,
And then, slowly, very slowly,
Heaven becomes,
Pure intoxication.


#522 — Pain;

Wisdom asked a fool,
About life,
And the fool said;
“The beginning
And the end of life,
And everything in between,
Is pain.” —

Wisdom departed,
Leaving the old fool in pain.


#508 — Reawakening;

In the burst of a moment,
The universe and I became one,
And destined was I
To be born again —
To be reborn in that moment,
That has become my eternity.

Who but the blessed,
Will understand the alchemy,
Of God’s penscript destiny!


#505 — Tattoo;

Stretch that graceful naze from abaft the veil.
In red will I write poetry, on its horizon tonight.