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#612 — Love;

Such disobedience,
That angels cannot
Afford to have,
And of compassion,
That devils don’t know —
Such is Love, my friends,
A Mercy from Allaah,
Most Compassionate of All,
To His rebellious,
And disobedient slave.

#freeverse #micropoetry

#508 — Reawakening;

In the burst of a moment,
The universe and I became one,
And destined was I
To be born again —
To be reborn in that moment,
That has become my eternity.

Who but the blessed,
Will understand the alchemy,
Of God’s penscript destiny!


#497 —Silent Prayer;

Hark, the ocean’s song,
As its waves soak the beach,
And pull back, only to return.
And as I stand here, silent in prayer,
I but wish I am your beach,
and you are my Ocean.
Perhaps I am not, meant to find you,
But I know, It is not me, it is God
playing with my destiny.