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#273 – Love – An Abstraction:

O Heart! Love is the energy of the Soul. Just as you need oxygen to breathe, so does the Soul need love for its existence. God created the human soul out of His want to create something he would expend His divine love to. He then made love the energy force that sustains the human soul. O My Heart, everything in this universe was made for human pleasure. My Heart! They need your Soul’s love for their survival much as the Soul need their’s. O My Heart, God’s love will never exhaust. Nor, will your Soul’s. So let your Soul fill your universe with its energy.

#265 – I Must Go On. An abstraction:

Where the breeze was wafting, no more it is. The floor on which contentment danced is empty now. What was once complete, is defective again. Replaced those are now by a myriad of beautiful memories, a crunching pain that continues to fill the void to bursting point, the thirst that forever will now continue unquenched and unanswered questions. Yet, life must go on until fate decides its end. Allaah has your soul and in His Mercy, I have your memories. How helpless man is, in the face of His power! .. I must go on..
Go on for the loved and loving.