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#385 — A Plea For Peace;

What is my life
But that of a prisoner
in the grip of time.
No more are those moments
that brought serenity to me.
How innocent life was
When she reigned my world!
And then you came along,
And took her from me.
Now I walk in my madness,
Searching – I roam the grounds,
These acres where she dwelt.
It is not the love
of these sights I weep for,
It is for the absence
of my Peace that has taken
My heart that I weep.
O Ravager Of Love, I beg —
Give me my Peace back to me.

#musing #16Aug2016
This poem is my contribution to


Never have I bemoaned to God about the problems of this world, but now, often I find myself weep to Him out of my love for you… If you cannot spare a morsel of happiness for me beloved, at least let me breathe just once, the fragrance of your palm.



Your salasciousness,
Spreading in my fate,
An unknown mystic force,
Lifting me higher,
As I reach to touch nirvana.
And then, harmonize with me,
As I plummet downwards,
Into the bottomless chasm,
To be one with you.



Listen, to the breeze,
In it my heart speaks,
beat by beat to you.
My love, like drizzle rain,
In your soul will spring,
Flowers to blossom.
Listen, to my whispers.
With it, every little sprout,
And very blade of grass,
To prime will bloom.

Listen … I love you.

#poetry #love

#298 – A Tryst With Mercy:

Reaper, take my hand,
and walk me gently,
to the land of dreams.
I do not wish for the end,
though I wish it never began,
for, no reward have I gained!
Now patiently I await,
the moment when you
will come for my head.
Then I shall gladly go,
to the land of dreams,
as you, unprepared.

#13june16 #musing

#297 – Emptiness:

Alone, lost in your city,
faces unknown surround,
searching day and night.
Living life in this chasm,
my eyes too have dried,
no more tears they have.
Lost of reason for sanity,
In search of madness,
I keep searching.

#13june16 #thoughts #pain

#285 – If Only:

If only I could sing like the waves,
If only I could put their splendour into speech,
that you would sway like the breeze,
That you would dance in the heavens,
and come whirling across the universe,
towards me. If only …