3 thoughts on “#539 — Tearfall;

  1. Stella Carousel

    Oh my, exquisitely penned sorrow. Side note: I was saddened, watching the news tonight–a Seattle, Washington-area (somewhat near me) Muslim Mosque has twice been vandalized in the past month; yet the spokesman was so gracious, had such a gentle spirit as he said he didn’t know what message the perpetrator wished to send–but he wanted them to know the doors would continue to be open, welcoming all people of whatever faith. I thought of you right away, glad to know you even from a far distance–and the news story was personalized for me because of our frequent exchanges in the Comment boxes. Wishing you well, Stella

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    1. Qaiser Post author

      It’s a sad fact that people are persecuted because of their belief. What can be done but be steadfast in belief!
      Thank you for understanding our pain, Stella.


      1. Stella Carousel

        You’re most welcome–oh, that our hearts could be united, such that differences matter not at all. Here in the states, many Christian churches have experienced not just vandalism, but shootings/killings. When I was a child, the church door was never locked–now churches must employ security. How this must grieve God, all over the world!

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