5 thoughts on “#424 — The Slaying;

  1. Soul Gifts

    Your poeming is short – yet each word is loaded with emotion and meaning.
    thank you for joining my blogging community – I really appreciate it.
    BTW, I tried to find your About Me page – but couldn’t see it anywhere


    1. Qaiser Post author

      Thank you ma’am. I find expressing an imagery in few words more challenging. More so because poetry forms such as cinquain and haiku have limitations set on the syllable count per line.

      I’m not a very techy person myself. Will check on how to access the ‘About Me’ page and let you know.

      Thank you again for your encouraging comments.

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      1. Soul Gifts

        I’m not techy either. WP has instructions and videos that will show you how to set up various things in your blog. I mentioned the ABout Me page because most bloggers will check that out first when looking at new sites and often also for leaving thank you comments etc. It’s a way of getting to know a bit about the blog and its owner, depending on what is shared.

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