Daily Archives: April 20, 2016

O Lord of creation, most loving,
Bestower of every blessing,
O Thou – praised and adored,
Answerer, however Thou art invoked,
O Lord mine – Ever-living, Self-subsisting,
I lay my forehead in submission,
I raise my palms to Thee,
Relief I seek in Thine Mercy,
Yaa Ilaahee! Yaa Ilaahee!
For my child – Yaa Raabul-Aalameen!


Fareen is doing her cancer screening today.

Alone with Him –
The Lord of the worlds and I.
I say to Him, O Merciful Lord!,
and He smiles down upon me,
acknowledging my call.
My Lord, I feel so alone.
Says he to me –
No, My trusting creation, I shall not desert you,
with you too I shall always be.
Go, My Slave. Go and seek,
and I, your Lord shall guide
and provide.
And so, with the strength
of my Merciful Lord,
I, His warrior, shall go forth
on this journey, to seek
and claim what’s ordained for me.

#17february2009. #Chennai