Daily Archives: April 18, 2016

Hasthi’s Love

For my obsession, like yours, to last forever,
As you I too cry,
In hunger, in longing, in forgiveness and in letting go,
To carry this heavy burden of love, in beauty,
O Hasthi  you brilliant flower garden in the cyclical budding of time,
In grief, and in joy, for all the universe to hear and feel and love,
Your timeless heartbeat aching to be free,
Yet wanting to be captured,
By her love’s infinite melody.

#31march16 #musing


Every blossom from the garden,
hymn their ode for you,
falling on deaf ears of mercy.

You pain isn’t your guilt Qaiser,
and the desert sands you tread –
It is fate that brought
this course on you.
It isn’t your fault that the City,
Where once, you sang your song,
has become a stranger to you,

#7april16. #poem